Field Service Medical 2019

February 25 - 27, 2019

Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA


Day Two, Februarys 26, 2019: INNOVATE TO COMPETE: Leveraging IoT and State-of-the-Art Technologies to Deliver Better Customer Experience and Patient Care

7:30 am - 8:30 am Continental Breakfast & Registration

7:30 am - 8:30 am Breakfast VIP Think Tank – Field Service and Support Leaders *Invite-Only – pre-event RSVP required

*Invite-Only – pre-event RSVP required

Antonia Kay

Program Director
Field Service Medical

8:35 am - 8:50 am Chairperson’s Opening Address

8:50 am - 9:10 am Keynote: Global Service and Technological innovation in the Medical Device Sector

Nicolas Cidric - Vice President of Global Services, Beckman Coulter
Explore groundbreaking advances in connectivity, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) that ignite industry innovation and progress in development of automated products and future-proof healthcare solutions.

Nicolas Cidric

Vice President of Global Services
Beckman Coulter

9:10 am - 9:30 am Case Study: Illumina Proactive: Transforming Medical Device Diagnostics with AI Capabilities

Landon Vaughn - Senior Director, Customer Solutions, Illumina
Join Landon to hear about Illumina’s AI-enabled monitoring service and the essential role of tracking and leveraging instrument performance data in:

-Enabling proactive maintenance
-Maximizing instrument uptime
-Troubleshooting runs more efficiently
-Preventing loss of time, labor, and precious samples


Landon Vaughn

Senior Director, Customer Solutions

9:30 am - 10:10 am Panel Interactive: Harnessing the ROI of IoT and Real-Time Analytics in Field Service and Support

Jeff Journey - Senior Director of Service Strategy, Thermo Fisher Scientific Aaron Goryl - General Manager, In-House & On-Demand Services, GE Healthcare
According to an IDC's Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide, worldwide IoT spending is forecast to sustain a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.4% through the 2017-2021 forecast period surpassing the $1 trillion mark in 2020 and reaching $1.1 trillion in 2021. Leading medical device organizations have already started their digital transformation journey, and our expert panelists will delve into the role of automation and real-time analytics in reshaping their field service management and discuss how they are harnessing the ROI of the IoT technology they have implemented. The main takeaways include:

-Achieving company-wide, executive-level buy-in on pioneering the adoption of  the Internet of Things (IoT) 
-Evaluating your business processes to find balance between your business needs and strategic vision
-Aligning your processes and human resources with digitalization objectives to unlock the true value of IoT
-Developing a system of metrics and KPIs to demonstrate the ROI on IoT investment
-Automating field service to reduce callbacks and achieve the goal of expedited troubleshooting
-Monitoring performance for continuous improvement

Jeff Journey

Senior Director of Service Strategy
Thermo Fisher Scientific


Aaron Goryl

General Manager, In-House & On-Demand Services
GE Healthcare

10:10 am - 10:30 am Keynote: Transitioning from Reactive to Proactive Service

Bradley Devine - Senior Director Operations, IV Solutions, Omnicell
Reactive service approach can be detrimental to your relationship with the customer and your business in general. While fixing unexpected equipment breakdowns as soon as they happen is important, the high costs associated with operating in reactive mode can never be returned. 

Nevertheless, the transition to a proactive service model cannot be completed with a simple flip of a switch. Join the discussion about the roadblocks Omnicell encountered upon transitioning to preventative maintenance and the evolutionary steps the company took to:

-Analyze historical data to conceptualize proactive maintenance timelines and decisions
-Develop predictive analysis and algorithms to predict failures before they happen
-Select the right technology to complete the transition to proactive service  
-Embed sensor technology in field service for real-time equipment performance monitoring


Bradley Devine

Senior Director Operations, IV Solutions

10:30 am - 11:10 am Morning Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall

11:10 am - 11:30 am Innovation Showcase

11:30 am - 12:30 pm MedTech Innovators Showcase

This showcase is your one-stop shop for all things innovation. Hear from early-stage medical device companies that are changing the industry landscape with breakthrough technology and unique treatment programs and products.

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm Luncheon For All Attendees

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm Women in Field Service Meetup *Limited Availability – pre-event RSVP required

*Limited Availability – pre-event RSVP required
Swarna Alcorn - Vice President of Service, Olympus Corporation of the America

Swarna Alcorn

Vice President of Service
Olympus Corporation of the America

Track A: Cybersecurity, Systems Interoperability & Compliance

1:30 pm - 1:40 pm Track Chairperson’s Opening Address

1:40 pm - 2:00 pm Case Study: Cybersecurity and Patient Data Protection

Ahmar Matthews - Director, Data and Support Services, Cardinal Health
A rapid deployment of connected technologies into the healthcare marketplace create a plethora of cybersecurity risks, and one of the major challenges that HCPs are trying to overcome is protecting their systems and securing patient data. 

This session offers an overview of best practices in:

-Planning for and avoiding random system faults
-Securing critical infrastructure from cyber attacks to protect patient data 
-Maximizing the benefits of connectable, interoperable technologies


Ahmar Matthews

Director, Data and Support Services
Cardinal Health

2:00 pm - 2:10 pm Innovation Spotlight

Track B:  Resource Optimization – Doing More with Less

1:30 pm - 1:40 pm Track Chairperson’s Opening Address

1:40 pm - 2:00 pm Case Study: Best Practices in Increasing First Time Fix Rates and Customer Satisfaction

Wade Brown - Zone General Manager, Service, GE Healthcare
Apart from customer satisfaction, a service operation’s first time fix rate is a clear measurement of how well the organization is functioning.

This case study explores key success factors and steps to ensuring that your FSEs are equipped with the knowledge, right tools and technology to be able to overcome onsite challenges and deliver exceptional customer experience:

-Ensuring that field technicians get to scheduled maintenance visits on time
-Accommodating urgent, unplanned visits
-Providing technicians with immediate access to repair history records, technical support data, troubleshooting information, ordering and call reporting tools


Wade Brown

Zone General Manager, Service
GE Healthcare

2:00 pm - 2:20 pm Innovation Showcase

Track C: Creative Boardrooms

1:30 pm - 2:50 pm Regulatory Meetup: One-On-One With the FDA **By Appointment Only, Limited-Seating**

**By Appointment Only, Limited-Seating**
Daniel Walter - Supervisor, Consumer Safety Officer, FDA
To reserve your 10-minute time slot, contact Antonia Kay at

Daniel Walter

Supervisor, Consumer Safety Officer

Join the debate about the evolutionary steps healthcare stakeholders can take to create industry standards and achieve the goal of multivendor interoperable systems

Marlene Kolodziej

AVP, Service Delivery, Enterprise Technology Services, Office of the CIO
Northwell Health


F. Mike Busdicker

System Director, Clinical Engineering
Intermountain Healthcare


Jacob Elisha

Director, Worldwide Technical Service
Biosense Webster

Join our expert speakers for a debate about the latest cybersecurity tools and technologies and how you can leverage these capabilities throughout the product lifecycle. The main takeaways include:

-Premarket cybersecurity planning and risk mitigation
-Early-on detection of potential security compromises 
-Connecting and automating your devices securely to close the gaps in networks
-The pros and cons of legacy equipment retrofitting


Hogie Saunders

Vice President of Service and Clinical Operations
Ziehm Imaging – OrthoScan, Inc


Randall Schiestl

Vice President, R&D, Global Technology & Services
Boston Scientific Corporation


Jithesh Veetil

Program Director – Data Science and Technology
Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC)

2:20 pm - 3:00 pm Panel: Gaining Parts Management Visibility and Service Efficiency through Mobility and Connective Technologies

Shrinaath Chidambaram - Senior Director, Service Parts Supply Chain, Philips Randal Hill - Worldwide Service Parts Operations, Carestream Health
If you are looking into transforming your parts management programs with connected tools, this panel session will help you understand your options in selecting the right technology, reducing costs and gaining efficiency by:

-Accessing accurate, real-time view into workflow activity and parts
-Streamlining communication and training FSEs remotely to increase first time fix rates and customer satisfaction
-Scaling your parts management to customer demand


Shrinaath Chidambaram

Senior Director, Service Parts Supply Chain


Randal Hill

Worldwide Service Parts Operations
Carestream Health

2:50 pm - 3:30 pm Talk-Show Panel: Tracking and Measuring Goals and Key Performance Indicators in Field Service

Aleem Khawaja - Service Process Integrator, BD Life Sciences
This panel explores various approaches in setting goals for your field service and measuring essential KPIs and metrics that allow you to align your overall business objectives against pre-determined goals:

-For field service technicians, which goals or KPIs should you measure?
-Should high first-time-fix be on the top or should low repeat calls be measured too? 
-What impact each of these metrics has on  overall customer satisfaction?


Aleem Khawaja

Service Process Integrator
BD Life Sciences

2:10 pm - 3:00 pm Essential Technologies For Mobile Field Service Management **Limited seating, advance sign-up required**

**Limited seating, advance sign-up required**
To reserve your seat, contact Antonia Kay at

3:40 pm - 4:20 pm Afternoon Networking and Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall

4:20 pm - 4:40 pm Regulatory Keynote: FDA CDRH Reorganization: One-Stop Shop for Regulatory and Compliance Information

Daniel Walter - Supervisor, Consumer Safety Officer, FDA
By the end of 2018, the industry anticipates the approval of the FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health’s (CDRH) plan for reorganization, which will result in the downsizing of the Center’s seven offices into four. Join this keynote for an overview of what drove this effort, the reorganization plan specifics you should be aware of and some of the restructuring implications for your business.

Daniel Walter

Supervisor, Consumer Safety Officer

Do regulatory compliance challenges and concerns keep you up at night? This year, you have a unique opportunity to send your questions to our expert from the FDA before the event to have him research your inquiry and provide the most thorough and concise answer at the forum. You get a chance to shape the discussion, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your voice heard! Submit your questions to the FDA via email at

Daniel Walter

Supervisor, Consumer Safety Officer

Interactive roundtables

1.The Latest Trends in Mobile Technology, Wearable Devices and Homecare Delivery 
  • Christian Eras, Vice President Global Service , Ziehm Imaging GmbH

2.The Dos and Don’ts of Service Marketing
  • Kevin Lowitz, Director, Product Management and Marketing, Thermo Fisher Scientific

3.Third Party Partnerships: Avoiding Risks and Maximizing Customer Satisfaction
  • Michael Queen, Area Service Director, East, Luminex Corporation

4.Advancing Medical Device Quality and Safety
  • Pamela Goldberg, President and CEO, Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC)

5.Running Service Organization as a Business Unit 
  • Tom Buckley, Director - Capital Equipment Technical Services,  Boston Scientific 

6.Evaluating Your Customer’s Facility Requirements for Improved Product Installations
  • Eric Paulik, Director Field Service - Image Guided Therapy Devices, Philips

7.Finding a Balance between Service and Cost
  • Aleem Khawaja, Service Process Integrator, BD Life Sciences

8.The Evolving Factors Driving Customer Loyalty and Retention
  • Jaime Thelen, Director, Commercial Service, Medtronic


Christian Eras

Vice President, Global Service
Ziehm Imaging GmbH


Kevin Lowitz

Director, Product Management and Marketing
Thermo Fisher Scientific


Michael Queen

Area Service Director, East
Luminex Corporation


Pamela Goldberg

President & CEO


Tom Buckley

Director - Capital Equipment Technical Services
Boston Scientific


Eric Paulik

Director Field Service - Image Guided Therapy Devices


Aleem Khawaja

Service Process Integrator
BD Life Sciences


Jaime Thelen

Director, Commercial Service

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm Networking Cocktail Reception

7:30 pm - 7:30 pm Conclusion of Day Two