Field Service Medical

February 23 - 25, 2015

Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, California

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  • Field Service Medical 2014 Attendee ListField Service Medical 2014 Attendee List
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  • Field Service ReportField Service Report
    According to a new survey of service and support executives at global service companies like Pitney Bowes and DIRECTV, nearly half of field service companies (47%) are incentivizing reps to sell services. While technical training still far outweighs soft skill training for field service technicians, according to 74% of attendees, customer experience is playing a more important role as service revenues account for 35% or more of all company revenue, according to 46% of our respondents. While companies in field service are investing in training that will enhance customer service, this data suggests that companies still place the highest value on their product.

    The Field Service research team–with the help of global service software provider Astea—created the report based on the findings.

    Click on the icon to the left to download the complete field service report to determine how your own firm measures up to your peers and competitors in the Field Service Industry.

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  • Medical CRMMedical CRM

    In this exclusive presentation, Jenine McQuiad, Director of Customer Care, talks Medical CRM specifics and ways that CRM can improve medical data about customers.

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  • Medical Device ManufacturersMedical Device Manufacturers

    In this exclusive presentation, G. Wayne Moore,
    B.Sc., MBA, FASE, of Acertara Acoustic Laboratories,
    compares various service options for medical device

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  • Medical Device CompaniesMedical Device Companies

    In this exclusive presentation, JG. Wayne Moore,
    B.Sc., MBA, FASE, of Acertara Acoustic Laboratories,
    examines the way medical device companies are
    building better relationships with their customers.

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  • Mobile Medical ServicesMobile Medical Services

    Here are six key takeaways from Field Service Medical 2014:

    • Prepare your organization to comply to most recent medical device regulations
    • Optimize your mobile medical services systems to adapt to the volatile economy
    • Maintain proper alignment with your customers IT to maximize efficiency
    • Implement ERP, service technology, and healthcare cloud computing
    to support your technicians and the complexity of your customer’s businesses
    • Handle product recalls and updates with an eye for long-term customer loyalty
    • Optimize training and leadership development for competency modeling, hiring,
    and retaining top talent
  • Healthcare Cloud ComputingHealthcare Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing technologies improve the efficiency and profitability of business, especially as economic challenges persist. More pronounced in the medical device industry than most others, the trend toward healthcare cloud computing promises to deliver tremendous benefits as companies seek to create markets that will generate consumer demand. The move toward the cloud comes when medical device companies feel intense pressure to lower costs and improve profits, especially as a U.S. healthcare reform law goes into effect, adding a 2.7 percent surcharge on the sale of every medical device.
  • Field Service Medical 2014 Benchmark ReportField Service Medical 2014 Benchmark Report
    Technology is changing quickly. The tools available for us to use are reaching new highs. Remote support, M2M, and The Internet of Things are just some areas we all need to be very familiar with. It goes without saying, that doing things the same old way will not work in the future.

    Some key findings from the report include:
    • More than half of respondents identified their focus for 2014 to be on improving customer satisfaction
    • 40% of respondents said they plan to invest in call center technologies
    • 63% said they are training their technicians/service reps on remote diagnostics technologies
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