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Field Service Medical 2020 Innovation Briefing

Our research shows that over 80% of field service leaders within the medical device vertical recognize the significant impact of digitization. Their customers’ service expectations have changed, and the digital disruption is sure to continue. We not only have to accept digital disruption as a given, but must now solve ‘service 4.0.’ Medical device manufacturers can no longer procrastinate and rely on old-school technology or outdated service practices and methodologies. Progress has been made - field service has shifted from a cost center to a profit center, and, in many instances, reorganized service models have been upgraded to include digital capabilities - but the battle is not over yet. 

Medical Technology Field Service in the Post-COVID Healthcare Environment

In this report, we’ll explore some of the key steps medical service organizations are taking within the current moment in time, including how they’re deploying monitoring technologies and how they’re adapting to the expanding homecare market. We’ll also learn how their field service organizations are working to address challenges with innovative strategies, and how your organization can do the same.

EU MDR & IVDR and Their Impact on the Medical Device Industry

First published by the EU Parliament in 2017, the European Union’s (EU) Medical Device Regulation (2017/745) and In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (2017/746) set standards and oversight requirements for manufacturers of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic solutions that intend to distribute their products in the EU. Although they are a much-needed replacement for decades-old regulations, they affect healthcare organizations within and outside of the EU and have the potential to bring challenges to their operations. With insights directly from medical devices manufacturers, this report explores how they are preparing for these regulations in 2021 and beyond.

Identifying New Opportunities in Specialized Medical Device Field Service and Support

The landscape of the medical device industry has changed dramatically since 2018. As experts and investors see potential for tremendous growth in this marketplace, companies are rapidly evolving to keep pace with the shifting landscape and meet the demands of practitioners and patients. In this report, we explore the ways field service offerings are changing to meet healthcare organization leaders’ expectations, how medical organizations’ preferences have evolved to call for specialized agreements when servicing their medical devices, and what field service medical teams can do to empower their customers as they continue to put patients first in their future hardware investments.

Studying Compliance Management and Service Efficiency

Medical device manufacturers face strong regulatory pressures related to their industry, and they report that those pressures are growing. How can they keep pace with technology change and customer expectations while also meeting and exceeding compliance? The answer lies in transformative technology adoption, and within this report, you will learn how your peers are approaching this daunting task. Don't miss your chance to learn from our audience, and benchmark where you stand on the path to improved service outcomes. 

Accelerating IoT Maturity in Medical Field Service

Despite the growing adoption of healthcare IoT solutions, many organizations in the space have minimal resources available to them for deploying, managing, and maintaining a successful IoT solution. Many healthcare organizations lack the necessary support throughout the entire IoT solution lifecycle, preventing them from realizing the true value of their IoT deployments. In this report, we explore how adopting a single source provider drives better patient outcomes and operational success. In the findings, we observe how mature IoT solutions help field service teams add capabilities and value to their existing solutions, driving patient satisfaction and profitability.

Driving Business Value and Customer Satisfaction with Medical Field Service Technologies

The medical device industry is growing in its responsibility towards customer satisfaction and adherence to regulatory compliance. Field service teams must optimize all dimensions of service to meet the rising expectations of healthcare service providers and ultimately their patients. In this report, leveraging industry data from the medical field service leadership community, we explore how service teams can improve visibility, compliance, FSE enablement, and the supply chain in their effort to improve patient outcomes.

Benchmarking Medical Field Service Management and a New Generation of Integrated Solutions

Physicians, medical facilities, and patients are calling upon medical device field service organizations to do more. But field service organizations face a central problem—a lack of connection between back office intelligence and the world their technicians impact in the field. In this new Field Service Medical report, discover how medical field service leaders are taking on these new challenges, market conditions, and client expectations with comprehensive technology adoption.

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