My Field Service Medical Story by Juan Cruz:

‘I would recommend this conference because it helps us keep on top of current trends in field service.’

Juan Cruz
Senior Manager - National Field Services
Fresenius Medical Care North America

Juan's Field Service Medical Story At a Glance

First Year Attended: 2019

How He’s Participated: Attendee

Conference Highlights: The amazing speaking faculty, the variety of topics and the caliber of companies that participated at the conference

This was my first time attending the conference…

I was researching conferences for my team to attend when I came across Field Service Medical. What drew me to the event was the fact that this was a field service conference specifically organized for medical device manufacturers. It was an easy decision to attend after I took a closer look at the caliber of speakers and companies represented on the agenda.

My team needed exposure to field service beyond what we do at the company…

I decided to bring my six managers and their senior technicians along to the event. The idea was to expand their knowledge of the field service industry and get them exposed to what other companies are doing in the field. Our group is now better informed and each member has gained more insights into the different industry trends.

The highlight of the event for me and my team was…

The presentation by Roy Dockery on how to hire talent in the millennium age. It had the most impact on me and my team.

A priority for my team right now is how we can get AI and Augmented reality integrated into our systems. We met a whole lot of vendors at the event that could potentially help us with this and have already finished interviewing some of them

Field Service Medical will be on our priority list of events to attend in future.

I think it is extremely important for me and my team to stay abreast of industry trends, technologies and strategies. This event gave us the exposure we needed to expand our knowledge and gain insights into what other companies are doing. I look forward to attending again in the future to share experiences, strategies and expertise.