Field Service Medical 2021


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As the Roles and Complexities of Medical Devices Expand, Field Service Offerings Must Become More Specialized

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With over $77 billion in total private investments at the end of 2018, ‘health tech’ is among the world’s fastest-growing industries.[1] Now, medical technology innovators are building upon their vision for a connected healthcare future, in and outside of the hospital.

Infused with smart, connected features like AI and IoT, medical devices are taking on new levels of sophistication, adding to the complexity of their maintenance and performance requirements. As healthcare organizations’ investments in medical devices become more robust, these organizations are calling on service providers to move beyond the generic, one-size-fits-all service offerings of the past.

Healthcare will increasingly shift the burden of patient focus from manual clinical attention to the monitoring, care, and support capacities of machines—advances in medical device technologies will make this possible. But what does that mean for teams in charge of monitoring and maintaining the machines themselves, and how will they evolve their service offerings to provide progressive service alternatives to the status quo?

2020 Study: ‘New Opportunities in Specialized Medical Device Field Service and Support’

In our Q4 2019 Field Service Medical industry study, New Opportunities in Specialized Medical Device Field Service and Support, The WBR Insights research team explores the ways in which existing field service offerings fail to meet healthcare organization leaders’ expectations and investigates how medical organizations’ preferences have evolved to call for specialized agreements when servicing their medical devices.

Featuring a survey of 100 industry professionals, we establish what field service medical teams can do to empower their customers as they continue to put patients first in their future hardware investments. As the global homecare medical equipment (HME) market expands to over $35 billion in 2023, we’ll explore the unique challenges and service requirements in homecare environments as well.[2]

Access the Full (Free) Report Here