Field Service Medical 2021


Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA

Miltenyi Biotec on the Future of the Field Service Engineer       


1.       In a few words, could you tell us about your current role and some of the priorities you’ll be working on over the next couple of months?

Currently I am the Head of Technical Support for Miltenyi Biotec, Inc. which includes application development for custom processes on our instrumentation.  Over the next couple of months, we are implementing an ACD system for Tech Support, a new knowledge platform, as well as moving forward on a lot of applications projects with our cell manufacturing platform.


2.       The cross-industry evolution of customer care, paired with rapid technological innovation, drives organizations around the globe to make customer-focused investments in their infrastructure and to reinvent their offerings in order to stay ahead of the rapidly changing customer expectations. Within the past year, has your company introduced any technologies or initiatives aimed at keeping up with the evolution of field service and customer experience?

In the last year or so we have developed and implemented a ticketing system to track our support cases globally.  We have also implemented a 24/5 Clinical Hotline for our Global Clinical Customers handling patient samples.  This ensures they will have support when needed.  We plan to expand that service with our research products as well in the future.


3.       Our research indicates that a majority of medical device companies are looking at various ways of empowering their customers through remote technologies, connectivity, and prescriptive service. How would you summarize the value of these capabilities to your company?


Remote capability for our company is imperative as our company grows.  We cannot be at every customer site when they are having issues so for us the next best thing is to be able to diagnose and resolve their instrument issues from anywhere in the world.  Our customers love the ability to chat with us and not a BOT, whether it be through our webchat or our remote instrument support.


4.       When it comes to building lasting relationships with customers, it’s not always all about the technology – your field service engineers play a vital role in keeping customers happy, and having a competent team is essential to your service business success. What advice would you provide to your peers who are charged with talent acquisition, training, development and engagement in today’s highly competitive marketplace? 


That’s a great question.  I think in today’s market you have to look for not only the right educational background but also the right company cultural fit.   In our industry, we don’t always have good news for the customers, whether their instrument is broken or our products just won’t do what they would like them to do, but if you have a great relationship with the customer, it’s always easier to explain the situation to them.  I always say for Technical Support, if you have the science background, I can teach you the science, I can teach you soft skills, but I can’t teach a personality. 


5.       Are there any technologies or tools you’d like to learn more about at the upcoming Field Service Medical and why?

It’s been so many years since I have attended, I am just looking forward to seeing what new technologies and tools are out there.


6.       What’s one thing you hope to take away from the conference or are most excited about?

I am hoping to take away some exciting new ideas for improving the overall customer experience with the Service and Support Teams as well as some new ideas for development within the teams.

Jodee Steinberg will be sharing in-depth insights on the future of the field service engineer and technical support at Field Service Medical 2019, taking place in San Diego, California, this coming February. Download the Field Service Medical 2019 Agenda to learn more.